Booker T. Washington

Booker T. Washington was a very immportant person during his time. He was born into poverty, slavery, and backbreaking work, in Virginia in 1856. Booker T. Washington had no way to get education when he was little because it was illegal for African Americans to get educated. When Abraham Lincoln was president, he wrote the Emancipation Proclemation which was supposed to make slaves free, but they weren't until the war was actually finished, just like Booker T. Washington. For Booker T. Washington, his family had no place to go after they were set free. This made it so his family had to work very hard to have a better life. At the age of 9, Booker T. Washington started packing salt. In the small amount of spare time he had, he went to school. At 16, after many years of hard work, Booker T. Washington decided he wanted to go to the Hampton Institute which is in the Virginia. He showed up at their doorstep with no money, and no food. Booker T. Washinton beleived in vocational education for African Americans.