This image shows the important artistic use of color. Color, or a visual attribute of things that results from the light they emit or transmit or reflect, is immensely important to artwork. Though art can be made without color, color gives the work that little bit of extra something that draws a viewers eyes to the painting. This element of design is the basis for many famous paintings, like the one above.

This picture also shows an acturate representation of shape. The shapes that are in this photo are outlined and vary in color and size. The proportions of the shapes are balanced as well, which is important to having a unified, flowing picture. Shape is a very important element because the shape of an picture is often very important, like in this painting, the shapes give the picture an offset that is very benefical to the artwork. The Shape of the overall painting and the individual parts are both very important.

Jackson Pollock's artwork shows color and shape, but it also shows form. The way in which the shape, depth, and lines, or the form, of the painting make it show movement. Form is three-dimensional and enclosed spaces, with length, width, and depth. Also, it is either geometric or freeform (organic). This definately is an example of showing three-dimensions because the observer can picks out the different layers as they watch the art. Enclosed spaces are shown with the lines that encircle the shapes. Freeform or organic is the syle used here because the shapes are not exact geometric forms, they are free flowing and natural, so they are freeform. Pollock shows form very well in this piece of art, but he also shows texture.

Space is a geometric or organic figuren that is two dimensional. In this work the space is filled and colored to show the emphasis. The way space is used says a lot about what the painter is trying to communicate about the painting. For example, in this work the space is curved, colorful, and defined.

Line is another important aspect of the painting. lines are used to define space and in this painting there are so many lines that are curved, bent, and twisted to show the space in this work of art.

external image sharp-sculpture.jpeg


Texture, or how things feel or how they look like they might feel on the surface, is perceived by touch and sight. This sculpture is a very good example of how texture affects the way a piece of work looks or appears. The texture on this sculpture is smooth and sleek.

Value is the lightness or darkness of an object and is important in this sculpture. The values are formed from the shape of the piece because of the shape the light hits the sculpture and creaets shadows. The shadows show the values of the sculpture in this photo.